Rotary valves

Rotary valves

Mektekno manufactures rotary  valves for safety system – smoke/flame

We also manufacture rotator valves and work together with the customer in order to meet all his requirements for both dosers and non-return flame/smoke safety
Upon request we supply suitable valve for your biomass boiler
Our valves are completely manufactured with CNC equipments hence they are machined from solid to steel C45 heat-treated.

Rotary Valve description:

Solid engineering
Input and output’s size upon request
Internal bearing
Inner-compact dust cover
Installation of leak pipe and dosers under hoppers
Planned for non-return flame/smoke safety

Engineering materials:

Body crate Steel C40
Rotor steel C40
Body Rotor quenched steel 45 HRC
Surface treatments upon request, trivalent zinc-coating