Who we are

Mektekno has been working in the engineering field for more than 30 years, acquiring and growing its experience in Germany for more than 20 years working in a German major Company  where Mektekno had the possibility to acquire usage and knowledge of automatic equipment and numerically controlled equipment as well.

Why choosing us

Today Mektekno manufactures tools for every kind of equipments and for any needs. We work with CNC turning and milling equipments and Cad Cam 3D planning, which allows to support the chance of planning in case of needs making the planning time , manufacturing time and , consequently, delivery time shorter and smoother.


Mektekno provides a large number of solutions characterized by efficiency and reliability, equipments which can guarantee high quality manufactures of various size (small, medium, large etc. etc.)


Our production system and our Company organization allow us to meet our customers’ requests in terms of delivery time